31 maig, 2012


Line art by Ximo Ferrer. Music: "Nanorobot Tune" by Tomas Dvorak

This background belongs to the videogame THE NEXT BIG THING (aka HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS 2). It took over 20 hours to paint, but I've condensed it down to a 10 minutes video The copyright belongs to Pendulo Studios. Sorry for the poor quality of the images, thats all I could do with my old Mac. :( If your eyes start bleeding, please stop watching.

It was entirely painted with Photoshop CS4. I hope you'll find it useful.

Special thanks to Paul Morris and Akeno Omokoto for helping me.

Este fondo pertenece al videojuego HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS 2 (aka THE NEXT BIG THING) Tarde unas 20 horas en pintarlo, pero he condensado el contenido en 10 minutos. El copyright pertenece a Pendulo Studios. Disculpas por la pobre calidad de imagen, es todo lo que pude hacer con mi viejo mac. :( Si tus ojos empiezan a sangrar, por favor deja de mirar.
Esta enteramente pintado con photoshop CS4. Espero sea de utilidad.
Agradecimientos especiales a Paul Morris y a Akeno Omokoto por la ayuda.

30 maig, 2012

The AQUABATS! Layouts #1

Algunos de los tropecientos layouts que hice para la serie The Aquabats!, dibujando a un ritmo enloquecido y haciendo uso de todos los trucos diabolicos que conozco, que son muchos y a cada cual mas sucio.

Some of the layouts I did last winter for the Aquabats! Super Show, that I had drawn REALLY fast, and using all my evil tricks, wich are many and most of them very dirty.

28 maig, 2012

Dublinsketchers: Dun Laoghaire



25 maig, 2012

JOLLY ROGER: Primeras Paginas

2 de las primeras paginas de lo que sera el primer album de la serie JOLLY ROGER, mi primer comic largo junto con mi socio y guionista Sylvain Runberg, que sera publicado con la editorial belga Dargaud Benelux en 2013. Como ha costado, eh.

2 pages of my first comicbook JOLLY ROGER, wich will be published in 2013 by belgian publisher Dargaud Benelux, and wich I am working now with Sylvain Runberg on the scripts.

16 maig, 2012

12 maig, 2012


Here are the two last backgrounds I did for the shortfilm "Duck Weed" for Mondo Media. Don't forget to check ot Berta's stuff too!

11 maig, 2012


Dos fondos mas para el pato fumeta. Los fondos de Berta, aqui!

10 maig, 2012


Two backgrounds I did for mondomedia, for the shortfilm "Duckweed" written and directed by Nath Milburn. I had lots of fun doing it, I got inspired by 90's Lucasarts old videogames of my childhood, so there's lots of love on it!

Here's the shortfilm, please share it.

09 maig, 2012

03 maig, 2012


She reminds me of someone I know...

02 maig, 2012


Especial maromos.

01 maig, 2012

Designing a Submarine for the AQUABATS!

Deadly simple perspective!